Art as freedom

I’m Fulvia, Italian by origin and living in Denmark. Both cultures have enriched my life and shaped who I am.

I feel home and in touch with myself through painting, and more in general when I express artistically.

Art for me is a free space where I can communicate unconditionally, and where I allow myself to unfold and have no words like failures.

Finding purpose

Colors and lines create forms, feelings, and contribute to tell a story about myself, yourself, ourselves and the world we are part of.

I am exploring topics related to identity, sense of belonging, human existence and its connection with nature and the universe.

With my work I want to contribute to bring beauty and light, support connection with our truly self and with others, and stimulate constructive reflections.

Visual art has the potential to reach everyone, no matter culture, language or education. I resonate with these values of inclusion and universal belonging.

I see art as a stage for mutual dialogue, connection, and gathering.

My style

My artwork has not a specific style! 😉 I draw and paint abstract and figurative, portraits, flowers. I am intuitive.

I use mixed media: acrylic, watercolor, ink, collage, crayons, markers, chalks. I don’t limit myself to a style, a technique or a medium.

It’s all about experimenting and finding new discoveries as a hungry pilgrim.

Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by to know more about my creative journey. I would be happy to learn also about you. 🤗


I am part of the art centre KunstvĂŚrket Augustenborg which is an artists collective with shared ateliers, where I also have my art studio. I am also member of the art gallery Kunstpunkt in Augustenborg (Dk).

Art Shows

2023 (upcoming) Oct-Dec, Aktivitetshus, Flensburg (D)

2023 (upcoming) Oct-Nov, Linak A/S, Nordborg (Dk)

2023 Mar-Sept, Sundhedscenter, Haderslev (Dk)

2023 1 Apr- 30 Maj, Southern Denmark University, Sønderborg (Dk)

2023 31 Mar-13 Apr Easter Exhibition, Kunstpunkt, Augustenborg (Dk)

2023 Jan-Feb, Krisecenter, Sønderborg (Dk)

2022 Oct-Dec, German Library, Tinglev (Dk) read here

2022 18-23 Oct, Tørring Uldulms Censurerede Udstilling, Tørring (Dk)

2022 8-21 Apr, Easter Art Show, Kunstpunkt, Augustenborg (Dk)

2022 Mar-Apr, Niko Servodan A/S, Sønderborg (Dk)

2022 Jan-Mar, German Library, Aabenraa (Dk)